ashley mask: artist.educator.photographer.maker of things

ashley mask: artist.educator.photographer.maker of things

Labor, 2019

Pencil, Pencil Shavings
2020 Myers Prize Recipient

Two components–a pencil and pencil shavings–exist side-by-side. The space between the two is the work of shaving down the pencil, turn-by-turn, along with the passing of time and allocation of energy, unseen, unheard, unknown, except in the imagination of the viewer. The pencil and its shavings become a monument to the labor that was invested.

Consider all of the objects that we come into contact with everyday, as monuments to the unseen, unheard, and unknown labor that made them. Who are the people giving their labor, their time and energy? What might their lives entail? How might we know and appreciate and care for those who gave their labor, as we care for the objects they’ve made?

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